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San Rafael Reverse Mortgages

Shop the best deals for San Rafael, California reverse mortgages.

Find the best deal on reverse mortgages in San Rafael and Marin County California.

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San Rafael, California Reverse Mortgage Lenders

For over 100 years Mutual of Omaha has been a trusted brand name. In that tradition of trust, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage offers reverse mortgages to qualified homeowners in San Rafael and Marin County and throughout California.

San Rafael Bridge, San Francisco Bay Area

Each of our originators has a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with the specific needs of homeowners in the area. We can walk you through the questions you’re certain to have and the process, should you decide to utilize your home’s value to create more cash flow in retirement.


Reverse Mortgage Information

How many of your neighbors have done a reverse mortgage? Here are some interesting facts about reverse mortgages and the housing market in the greater San Rafael and the Marin County region.

San Rafael Reverse Mortgage Information


In 2020 the median home value in San Rafael was $1.2 Million. Many homeowners in Marin County may opt to apply for a private jumbo reverse mortgage instead of the federally-insured reverse mortgage which only considers the first $822,375 of the home’s appraised value. However, a private reverse mortgage includes several million dollars of the appraised value (limits vary by the lending institution) providing significantly more access to your home’s value.

Reverse mortgages calculate the maximum available loan benefit (before fees, costs, and lien payoffs) for qualified borrowers based on the home’s appraised value, the age of the youngest borrower, or named non-borrowing spouse, and the current/starting effective interest rate.

Church of Saint Raphael ~Wikipedia Commons
Church of Saint Raphael ~Wikipedia Commons


About San Rafael

San Rafael is named after the Archangel Raphael- the angel of healing. First home to the coastal native Miwok people it was later established as a Spanish mission. The arrival of the North Pacific & San Francisco railroads spurred a population boom.

In 1913 American banker and journalist Frank Vanderlip purchased 25 square miles of property on the peninsula on behalf of wealthy east coast investors for the then tidy-sum of $1.5 million.  Today the community is home to over 40,000 residents according to the U.S. Census.

Local attractions include China Camp State Park, Mission San Rafael Arcangel, Mountain View Winery, and Point Reyes Lighthouse.

Contact your San Rafael and Marin County reverse mortgage lender today.

Homa and her team at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a reverse mortgage. It's important to get the facts first, discuss your unique goals and needs, and see how much you may be able to qualify for with a reverse mortgage.

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